Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ghost tour?

It is a haunted history walk led by a tour guide who tells about ghosts, legends and history.

Is it a walking tour?

Yes! We will be walking on sidewalks and roads. Watch for uneven paths and bumpy roads. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Will we go inside the buildings?

No. Most of the buildings are closed since this in an evening tour. 

How long is the tour? 

It is approximately 90 minutes long.

What if it rains?

If it is a drizzle or light rain, yes the tour will continue! If it is a downpour or is accompanied by lightning, we will cancel the tours. We will do our best to notify you in this case.

Can children attend the tour? Will it be scary?

We recommend the tour for ages 12 on up. Some of the stories can be very detailed and disturbing to younger people. No one will jump out from behind bushes to scare you. This is not a haunted house but things can get pretty creepy.

Should I tip my guide?

That is entirely up to you but is very much appreciated. We do love compliments so spread the word through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Will I see a ghost? What if I don't believe in them?

We hope so. It may be something small like goosebumps or a prickly sensation or maybe you will witness something more. Our tours are filled with fun facts and some lore to keep everyone interested if you are a nonbeliever. We promise you will enjoy it.

How much are tours?

 $20 per person with discounts for groups of 10 or more. Contact us for group information.